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Austrian Services

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WVTA supports you with the formalities for setting up access to the Austrian approval database at the BMK Ministry.


WVTA acts as the manufacturer's authorized representative for entering approval data in Austria if you cannot do this directly (e.g. company headquarters not in Austria).

All-inclusive entry into the Austrian Approval Database

WVTA creates and checks type data sets on the basis of EU approval and, on request, links them with the specific data of your vehicles (creation of approval data sets). The data is transmitted to wvta in a format specified by WVTA. Other standardized data formats (e.g. IVI, txt) can also be accepted on request.

License variants for entry in the Austrian Approval Database

WVTA provides you with the appropriate software with which you can create and check approval data yourself and then transfer it to the GDB. The prerequisite for this is an acceptance by the ministry of the authorized persons within your company.

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Product Recalls

WVTA will handle a recall campaign with the Austrian GDB for you.

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Import of exceptions

WVTA enters your special approval notices into the Austrian Approval Database.

Processing single imports

Complete processing: WVTA takes over the complete processing of the registration of a vehicle imported from abroad in the Austrian GDB. This applies to vehicles from your manufacturer. Complete processing including correspondence with private individuals.

Partial processing: WVTA takes over the registration of a vehicle of your manufacturer imported from abroad on the basis of the documents provided by you. No contact on the part of WVTA with the end customer.

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Web Services

Online Tool for the creation of CO2 certificates for the information on the Passenger Car Consumer Information Regulations 2018 (Hinweisblatt zur Personenkraftwagen Verbraucherinformationsverordnung 2018).

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