Bringing a vehicle into Austria

Importing your own vehicle

What is a self-import?

Download our guide for self-imports (document in German).

Guide for own imports

If you as a private individual import a vehicle from another country and want to register it in Austria, you must first have it entered in the Austrian approval database.

The point of contact for this process is the manufacturer or its representative in Austria, who should be able to carry out the registration. If this is not possible for any reason, the vehicle must be entered into the approval database as part of an individual approval from a test center of the Austrian provincial government. A list of the test centers of the Austrian provincial government can be found here: Landesprüfstellen

If the manufacturer has a service provider for the entry in the approval database, you can find out more there. A list with all brands of our contractual partners and the associated contact person can be found here: Contractual Partners

How to import a vehicle with WVTA

Please send us the following documents and information (preferably scanned by email):

  • EC certificate of conformity (= COC (certificate of conformity); if not available, please contact us in advance.
  • The registration certificates of the last country in which the vehicle was registered (usually consisting of two parts, e.g. registration certificate parts I and II or vehicle registration document and the vehicle title) // (in der Regel bestehend aus zwei Teilen, z.B. Zulassungsbescheinigung Teil I und II oder Fahrzeugschein und Fahrzeugbrief)

The following data must be provided:

  • Date of first registration
  • The most recent registration number
  • Number of previous owners
  • Vehicle colour

  • If applicable, a valid appraisal in accordance with § 57a of the Motor Vehicle Act (KFG) 1967 ("Pickerl" appraisal) or an equivalent foreign appraisal in accordance with the EC directive (depending on the first registration of the vehicle)
  • Name and billing address (and UID-Nummer (Vat number), if available)
  • Contact details for any queries

We will then enter the vehicle in the Austrian approval database for you. You will receive an invoice from us by e-mail.

Price for database entry:

On request; maximum 180.00 Euro (incl. VAT) - required by law according to § 28b of the Motor Vehicle Act (KFG) 1967 (para. 1a).

After receipt of payment, we will send you a data extract from the approval database by email. This data extract is your vehicle document for Austria and only needs to be printed out on both sides.

Do I need a (registration) report in accordance with the review according to § 57a-KFG ("Pickerlgutachten")?

According to § 28b of the Motor Vehicle Act (KFG) 1967 (Paragraph 1): "[...] If an assessment has already become due for a vehicle subject to the recurring assessment, the approval data may only be submitted after a positive assessment in accordance with Section 57a be created. [...] ".

If your vehicle requires an assessment according to the Austrian inspection cycles (reference date = first registration), we can therefore only enter the approval data in the approval database after presentation of a valid assessment.

Furthermore, § 28b of the Motor Vehicle Act (KFG) 1967 (para. 1) continues: "[...] This expert opinion may be replaced by the proof of a positive result of a technical examination within the meaning of Directive 2014/45/EU, provided that no further expert opinion has become due pursuant to § 57a. [...]".This means that equivalent foreign assessments may also be accepted, provided they are still valid within the Austrian review cycles.

However, appraisals from Germany are currently the only ones that meet these requirements, which is why only valid German appraisals can be accepted at present.

If required, you can obtain a registration certificate according to § 57a KFG at any certified assessment centre.

Legal Basis (in German):Kraftfahrgesetz 1967

Further Information (in German):Kraftfahrgesetz 1967

Tip for assessment centres:

When preparing the appraisal, make sure that the vehicle is not registered in Austria or that the country of origin is selected.

(e.g. in EBV - remove the tick "Vehicle has/had an Austrian registration" when creating the vehicle; e.g. in VECOS - remove the tick "Vehicle has an Austrian registration" already at the start screen).

My vehicle is registered in the permit database - how can I now register my vehicle?

  • If you purchased your vehicle from a dealer, we recommend that you contact your dealer for information on how to proceed with registration.
  • If you have imported your vehicle yourself and have to pay statutory taxes (e.g. NoVA, VAT, etc.), you must visit your competent tax office before registering. After paying the taxes, you must have the registration block lifted there so that you can register the vehicle.
    You can then register the vehicle with the vehicle document (EC certificate of conformity, data extract, type certificate) at a registration office.

Further Information

Information from the ÖAMTC

Information from the Federal Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology (BMK)


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