Approval database

Acquisition, creating, editing, administering and transferring of vehicle-specific data (approval-data).

Previous situation

Previous situation

Previous situation until 26.KFG-amendment (51. KDV-amendment)
According to § 28 KFG, the manufacturer had to type certificate every vehicle, trailer and chassis. In case of foreign manufacturers the vehicle was type certificated by the manufacturer's authorized representative (normally the representative is the general importer).

If the manufacturer has obtained the whole vehicle type approval, according to § 30 KFG,he has the duty to write a certificate of conformity for every vehicle he has sold.

According § 37 paragraph 2 lit. a, this COC was required to register vehicles or trailers.

Based on the data which was written on the COC, vehicles were registered and registration documents were drawn. This happened face-to-face at the registration office.

Legal situation

Legal situation

As the 26th KFG-amendment (respectively 51th KDV-amendment) became valid at 1st of July 2007, according to § 30 KFG, an approval-database was launched. This database is administrated by the collective of insurancers, who are allowed to control general liability insurances. It is also part of the registering-process according to § 47 paragraph 4a KFG.

The main change to previous situation is, that now, registering is only possible, when the vehicle-data was transfered to the approval-database. When the vehicle is registered, a so called "vehicle-registering-document" is written, which is connected with the "Typenschein" or certificate of conformity. In this vehicle-registering-document, future de-registration and re-registiations are entered. For vehicles with EC-operating-licence it is no more needed to write a "Typenschein". The validation for registering is not applicable. The "Typenschein" is only needed for vehicles with national Austrian type-approval and is reduced to contents only needed in Austria.

The manufacturer has the duty to transfer the registering-data of the vehicle into the approval-database. If the manufacturer hasn't an establishment in Austria, he can authorise a representative to do it. The transfer of the data happens online via transfer of single data-sets for every vehicle. With a low number of vehicles to be registered, according to § 30a paragraph 5 KFG, it is possible to transfer type-data of the vehicle instead of approval-data.

For transfering data to the approval-database, the manufacturer or his representative has to be empowered by the Austrian ministry of transport according to § 30a paragraph 8 KFG. To be empowered, the manufacturer or his representative has to be technically qualified and must fulfill following conditions:

The certified company must have software for electronically migrating data from the certificate of conformity and compile it into the approval-database-formats. Also the software has to be able to translate text-files into german-text. Or the company has a software for creating and administrating data for the approval-database, which has been certified by the Austrian ministry of transport.

Also, the empowered instance must have a quality assurance system for the approval-database-data, which is certified by the Austrian ministry of transport.

The Austrian ministry of transport only empowers people, which are trustworthy. According to § 21c paragraph 1 figure 2 KDV, the person referred at the Austrian ministry of transport for creating data for the approval-database must not be bound by directives within the (according to § 29 paragraph 2 KFG certified) company he works. If the data-transfer cannot be provided accurately, the empowerment is lost immediately by law. Without the empowerment it is not possible to transfer data to the approval-database and vehicles cannot be registered. The technical and legal requirements are very complex.

Technical solution

Technical solution

According to the requirements of the ministry of transport (Section II – homologation), wvta Fahrzeugdaten GmbH has developed an efficient software-solution. This software is able to transfer all relevant data to the approval-database which is needed to register vehicles – exact, fast and with a minimum of effort. In spite of the changed legal situation, safe and fast registering of vehicles can be provided.

Connected to that following services are provided by wvta Fahrzeugdaten GmbH:

  • Acquisition of currently valid vehicle-data in collaboration with the manufacturer or the general importer
  • Preparation, formatting and compiling the captured data into the approval-data-set which format is strictly regulated by law
  • Transfer of the checked data-set to the approval-database
  • Providing a certificated quality assurance system for approval-data
  • Providing a certificated software-solution under contract-license with an appropriate instruction
  • Continuous updates of the software-solution
  • Technical support-hotline
  • Software-instruction via courses, lectures and customer-visits
  • Professional technical and legal support

wvta Fahrzeugdaten GmbH makes sure that a manufacturer , general-importer or authorised representative has a software-solution which fulfils the new legal situation changed on 1st of June 2007.



Economical outsourcing of acquisition, compiling and transfering the vehicle-data to the approval-database. Establishing an expensive in-house department for software-development and data-acquisition can be avoided.

  • Using a reliable software-solution certified by the Austrian ministry of transport
  • Continuous up-to-date software-development
  • Top-level data-security
  • Fulfilling all technical and legal requirements according to the new legal situation changed on 1st of June 2007
  • Simple and fast solution – no separate preparation of the data required